"Lighty and colourful grace is part of emotional nature of Reine-Marie Pinchon : visions of deep transparency, evanescent landscapes, are water and soul and their nostalgic raptures affect the essence of our being ; look through until there are inside and behind the unconscious beauty of our prodigious universes ; in fluid and beautiful vertigo, the watercolourist reveals to ourselves".
Hélène Toutain
After a double scientific and artistic education, this artist of Val d'Oise (close to Paris in France), led her work to a sensitive approach to the nature with Asian influences, in the drawn line and the use of the empty and the full. She really renews the perception that one could have up to now of the watercolor, using in particular, the mixed water, ink and learned Alchemy heightened with for creating contents. The final purpose is to feel by the grace of a brush, the required emotions: those of a moment, a twig or a glance …